Our Results

Wiseweight Academy have delivered their 10 week course 23 times, initially in an NHS IAPT setting, but mostly as part of an integrated Public Health Tier 3 Obesity initiative (Change Point) across Nottinghamshire in which participants have access to dieticians, physical movement specialists as well as our course.

The traditional dietetic and exercise support strands of the programme are effective for people who are able to begin a change cycle by altering their behaviour. This kind of initiative alone is less likely to succeed with people who primarily use food to regulate their thoughts and feelings, such individuals may need to work on changing their thoughts and/or feelings first, before they can then begin to adjust their behaviour.

Although there are few case studies of weight loss programmes in community settings, it is significant to note that the mean weight loss results of 5.8%, for Tier 3 Change Point participants in Nottinghamshire combined with reduced medication and improved blood sugar levels exceed what would be expected in NICE guidance.

In the year 2017/18 Wiseweight Academy have delivered 8 courses across Nottinghamshire in Newark and Sherwood, Broxtowe, Mansfield, Bassetlaw and Ashfield

These are our results overall across all the 8 groups:


Average retention rate (attended 7 or more of the 10 sessions)


Completers at the start of the course who had PHQ9 scores of 9 or more and or GAD7 scores of 7 or more, indicating clinical levels of depression and anxiety*.


Completers at the end of the course who had PHQ9 scores of 9 or more and or GAD7 scores of 7 or more, indicating clinical levels of depression and anxiety*.


Recovery rate among those that had clinical symptoms of anxiety and/or depression*.

*A PHQ9 score of 9 or more in an individual is an indicator of clinical depression, and a GAD7 score of 7 or more is an indicator of clinical anxiety. A patient can be considered to have recovered if their depression scores move from having a PHQ9 of 9 or more to a score of less than 9, and/or their anxiety scores move to from a GAD7 score of 7 or over to less than 7.

But the real results are the changes that many of the people who have completed the Wiseweight Academy Course have made to their thinking, their feelings and the way they live their lives now.

“A wonderful confidence building group. Made massive changes. Started using the tools and am losing weight again.”

“I am not anxious around food anymore. I have smaller amounts of what I really want.”

“I have learnt to be kind to myself”

“I feel so much better as I know others have had similar journeys to me.”

“It is the best 20 hours you can give yourself for a lifetime of change around your approach to food, that leads to success.”

“I have learnt how to relax more and think differently.”

“I need to care for myself more, and this will be a benefit to everyone. Treat myself without eating! I am good enough!”

“I have stopped furtive eating and started to enjoy food.”

“I am eating more slowly and really savouring foods, and I am getting better at stopping when I am full.”

“It has made me think differently… gave me a new perspective.”

“This is the best thing I have ever done!”

“I am learning to love who I am for the first time in my life”

“Food is no longer the thing that controls my life”

“I am not broken, I do matter, I am capable of change”

“These sessions have been the best thing ever.”

“I’m changing my name to L’Oreal… “because I’m worth it”!”

“I knew that to deal with my food issues it was my head that needed help. I can honestly say at the moment that food isn’t a big issue..weird. It has been a big issue my whole life so this. I’m scared it won’t last, but it feels good. I feel like life is beginning. I feel hopeful again.”

“I have learnt to stop and think before I eat..  I have lost 2 stone.”

“I have learnt to not buy food I don’t want, and that I don’t need to eat everything on my is OK to throw food away!”

“I have learned about myself and my feelings. Learnt to be ME!!!”