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What are you REALLY hungry for?

“This is the best thing I have ever done!”

“My weeks are no longer defined by whether or not I ate the right foods”

CPD dates

King’s College, London 24/25th January and 28 February/1st March

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What We Do


Our Treatments are non-invasive techniques for localised fat reduction, body contouring and non surgical facelifts.

We also offer cryopen imperfection correction treatments as well as vaginal tightening using the Femiwand hifu system.

The results of our treatments are without risks and complications, you can go back to your day to day life straight away! No recovery time!

Thousands of customers can testify our service and treatments are second to none and this is why customers come back to us time and time again. Click Here

Wiseweight Academy offer evidence based 10 week (2 hours a week) courses that can help you if you have long term over eating issues, to begin to make more sense of why you eat, what you eat and when you eat it and want to STOP.

The Wiseweight course is designed to help you to find yourself in a repeating cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Wiseweight Academy also delivers CPD courses for Accredited Counsellors and Psychotherapists who would like to extend their skills in working with emotional overeating behaviour, and also offer licenses opportunities to deliver Wiseweight Courses outside Nottinghamshire.

“The biggest thing I’m taking away from the course is the realisation that my weight is just that; it isn’t me. The quality of my days and weeks are no longer defined by whether or not I ate the “right foods in the right amount.”

How We Help

What we have seen among many of the participants who attend is that their “go to” coping strategy has been to eat. This works fine until the coping strategy becomes the problem.

We can help YOU find new ways of managing old difficulties without using food!

Find out more by reading their article published in Therapy Today.

People who completed the course in December 2017 say…

Wiseweight has given me my life back, back to the me I was before my diagnosis. I have learnt that I can be happy now…I don’t need to be thin. I have realised what I was hungry for….and that food isn’t the answer…..MM

I felt nothing could change about how I felt about myself but am now amazed that with little steps I have climbed a mountain. Years of putting myself down, not feeling worth it, are in the past. Wiseweight has given me the tools to cope and made me realise that I am worth it, that it is ok not to be ok, and that food isn’t the answer to other needs. I feel more positive and happy. AM”

I have learnt to express my feelings and feel more assertive and less worthless. I don’t hate myself for eating instead I look to understand why I did it. I have learnt to give myself a break from always trying to be stronger than I feel and to explain how I feel instead of eating my way through pain and upset.CC

Find out more about where you can find the right Wiseweight course for you on the courses page.