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What are you REALLY hungry for?

“This is the best thing I have ever done!”

“My weeks are no longer defined by whether or not I ate the right foods”

What We Do

Wiseweight Academy offer evidence based 10 week (2 hours a week) courses that help people with long term over eating issues begin to make more sense of why they eat, what they eat and when they eat it.

The Wiseweight course is designed to help people who find themselves in a repeating cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Wiseweight Academy also delivers CPD courses for Accredited Counsellors and Psychotherapists who would like to extend their skills in working with emotional overeating behaviour, and also offer licenses opportunities to deliver Wiseweight Courses outside Nottinghamshire.

“The biggest thing I’m taking away from the course is the realisation that my weight is just that; it isn’t me. The quality of my days and weeks are no longer defined by whether or not I ate the “right foods in the right amount.”

How We Help

What we have seen among many of the participants who attend is that their “go to” coping strategy has been to eat. This works fine until eating becomes the problem.

The course is structured and offers a “buffet” of skills and approaches that participants can try, and choose which ones work for them. We explore historic messages about food and eating, we look at different ways of expressing and tolerating feelings, we work out what participants’ life would be at their fantasy weight, and begin to identify the first steps towards living that life today, as they are right now.

It is in the acceptance of self and others for being the people that they are right now that creates the change. It is only when we learn to look after ourselves, and begin to get our needs met in non-food related ways…by recognising our need for fun, space, quiet, stimulation etc.…and getting them met that we can begin to regulate our emotions without eating.

“After 30 years of yo-yo dieting and continual upward weight, Wiseweight Academy has finally helped me find the switch in my head.”